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Enzo Kreft - Dark Matter LP

Enzo Kreft - Dark Matter LP
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Model: Walhalla

Another classic Belgian minimal synth album. Enzo Kreft is the pseudonym of Eric Vandamme, a Belgian visual artist and musician, living in Mechelen, between Antwerp and Brussels. He released two obscure but widely acclaimed minimal synth cassette albums in the early eighties, creating a dark and atmospheric sound, using lo-fi overdubbing techniques with a Korg MS-10, a monophonic Yamaha synth, a Crumar Trilogy keyboard, a Sound Master SR-88 rhtyhm box, a Roland TR-606 drum machine, tapeloops and an electric guitar.

His debut album “Me Is” (1983) has become a worldwide collector’s item, containing his best-known tracks “Beauty Queen” and “Erotic Fantaseesz”. On his second album “Cicatrice” (1984), Kreft evokes images of an apocalyptic society full of fear, paranoia and destruction. “Dark Matter” offers all key tracks of those both cassettes, now for the very first time on vinyl. Limited edition of 500.


A1 The Dark     

A2 Circuitus Sanguinis   

A3 I Don't Understand It  

A4 Beauty Queen    

A5 Erotic Fantaseesz   

B1 Something's Coming  

B2 Forbidden Games   

B3 Dead City

B4 Take Your Dictionary  

B5 It's A Party


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